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Featured Player
January 9, 2009




# 23 - Reid Singleton

Reid Singleton came to Tonyís Tavern to help be a dominating face-off and all around midfielder after finishing up at North Texas.  He has experience that carried him to be an All-State HS selection back at Kingwood.  His college accolades include both Honorable Mention All-American 2006 and Academic All-American 2006.  Singleton brings his toughness and workhorse mentality to the team. He was an outstanding offensive player for Tony's in 2008 and earned Newcomer of the year at the team awards party.  In 2009 he will return as an integral part of the offense and the midfield unit.  Singletonís dodging and cutting ability will look to give Tonyís a spark on the middie unit and keep opposing defenses on their toes all game long.  Singleton is an important part of a highly talented midfield unit and looks to become more of a leader among the middies in 2009.  Singleton will continue to win face-offs, play tough defense, and score goals putting Tony's in opportunities to win every game. 

Favorite Movie?

RS:  Lord of the Rings Trilogy (this makes me sound really nerdy)

Favorite Drink?

RS:  Still working on this one, but we'll just say Cap'n and Coke

Favorite Lacrosse Head?

RS:  Evo pro (not sure why anybody would use anything else)

Mesh or Traditional?

RS:   Mesh (I just wanna throw my stick in the garage, not mess with it everyday)

TT:  What has been your best lacrosse experience?

RS:  I'd say the 2006 season last game vs. smu which decided who went to play offs.  I believe I had 5 goals and 3 assists, allowing us to win by 1

TT:  What is your favorite sports team?

RS:  Astros

TT:  What are your thoughts on the team?

RS:  Waiting to see what we got


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