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Featured Player
April 19, 2008




# 1 - Colin Linggo

Colin Linggo comes to Tony’s Tavern to help sure up the attack after moving down to Houston from New York City.  He has experience that carried him to be an All-county HS selection back in New Jersey and to a spot on the Loyola college team.  Linggo brings a hard work mentality and looks to work hard to become an integral part of the offense and the attack unit.  Linggo’s dodging ability will look to give Tony’s a spark on the 2nd attack unit to keep the opponents defense on their toes all game long.  Linggo joins a highly talented and successful attack unit that has helped lead the team to consecutive championships.  He will fit into a group that looks to find the open player, but that can also take it to the goal.  Linggo will help the attack stay fresh and win the battles on the offensive side of the field and help the team defend their title in 2008. 

Favorite Movie?

CL:  Wall Street, Boiler Room, Debbie Does Dallas Part IX, 2008 NY Giants Super Bowl Champions DVD

Favorite Drink?

CL:  Patron, Sierra Nevada, Stella Artois, Jaeger-Bombs, Starbucks Coffee

Favorite Lacrosse Head?

CL:  STX X3 & Viper

Mesh or Traditional?

CL:   I was a traditional kind of guy, but mesh is starting to grow on me just like an annoying GF

TT:  What has been your best lacrosse experience?

CL:  Meeting Coach Dave Cottle.  He made me the person I am today.  Scoring my first goal as a member of Tony’s Tavern followed by my spectacular halftime show.  And making Trevor Tierney my personal lacrosse bitch at summer camp.

TT:  What is your favorite sports team?

CL:  Does Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models count?  Giants, Yankees, & NY Rangers

TT:  What are your thoughts on the team?

CL:  I am extremely proud and honored to be on this dynamic and diversified lacrosse program.  This squad is a melting pot of top Texas and Northeast players, which makes us one the most versatile and robust teams in the GCLA.  With so many new players being integrated into Tony’s Tavern team style and concept, we haven’t hit our stride.  When playoffs begin, this squad will be running in full cylinders with another title in its sights.   


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