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Featured Player
Mar. 17, 2007




# 5 - Brad Cook

Brad Cook joins Tony's after making the move to Texas and playing college ball at Georgetown.  Cook will be a cornerstone piece of a talented and stingy defensive unit.  Cook brings his experience from playing division 1 ball against the best in the country and his 1st team All-Baltimore county selection (HS) to Tony's.  Cook will move into one of the starting defenseman roles side by side with Daniels and Walton to make the trio one of the most dominating starting line in the league.  Brad's great defensive fundamentals combined with this sick checks and clearing ability will add another dangerous weapon to the team. Cook has played big this year as he has helped on a man-down unit that has killed 85% of the penalty situations they have faced.  Brad looks to continue his great play as he helps the talented defensive unit defend the GCLA championship.  Cook's leadership has also been a big part of the team's success this spring. 

Favorite Movie?

BC:  Caddyshack

Favorite Drink?

BC:  Most variety of cocktails (I don't discriminate)   

Favorite Lacrosse Head?

BC:  Proton

Mesh or Traditional?

BC:  Mesh

TT:  What has been your best lacrosse experience?

BC:  Playing in the 1999 NCAA final four

TT:  What is your favorite sports team?

BC:  Baltimore Ravens

TT:  What are your thoughts on the team?

BC:  I am excited to join the team; from what I've heard, it's the best club team in the area.  Looking forward to my first lacrosse experience in Texas.


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