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Featured Player
Oct. 12, 2006



#34 - Matt Shearer

Matt Shearer returns to Tony's Tavern for another season after establishing himself as cornerstone of the midfield in 2006.  Shearer brings great stick skills and knowledge of the game that he polished both at Roanoke and LSU during his collegiate career.  Matt and his brother Mike quickly established themselves at key components of Tony's Tavern and were an important part of the undefeated season and 2006 championship.  During the 2006 season Matt came up big time and time again for Tony's as he tallied 26 points(19 goals, 7 assists).  His biggest 3 goals came in the GCLA championship game as Tony's went on to win 11-4.  Matt showed himself as a key part of the offense and Man-up unit last season which he will continue in 2007.  Shearer will return to help the highly talented midfield unit maintain their dominance between the boxes and ultimately defend their GCLA championship in 2007.

Favorite Movie?

MS:  Shawshank Redemption...or anything posted on the internet straight from some dumb celebrities "private collection."

Favorite Drink?

MS:  Mickey's Pre-game.  Welch's Grape Post.

Favorite Lacrosse Head?

MS:  Homemade VOZ (for you that don't know it's a reference to the viper head with the v cut out. We got the short end of the stick, literally, at lax camp the summer the OZ came out and so decided to improvise using some old STX Vipers)

Mesh or Traditional?

MS:  Mesh.

TT:  What has been your best lacrosse experience?

MS:  "Team spirit"...I'm surrounded by dirtballs

TT:  What is your favorite sports team?

MS:  E...A...G...L...E....S     EAGLES!  

TT:  What are your thoughts on the team?

MS:  We must dominate. The future of the free world depends on it.


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