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Featured Player
Sep 29, 2006



#2 - Jimmy Constable

Jimmy Constable returns to Tony's Tavern for another season after another solid year in 2006.  Jimmy remains a cornerstone of the highly talented midfield unit and continues to play a key role in the offense as well as man-up unit.  Constable has shown true to the heart award he received while at Texas A&M through his tough play on both sides of the field.  Jimmy has toughed it out through the years with Tony's Tavern through all their transformations from Club Texas through to Tony's Tavern.  Constable's Texas A&M midfield line was reunited in 2006 with Bobby Jee, Joel Hill, and himself playing together once again for the first time since their high scoring days at A&M.  Jimmy brings great knowledge of the game and leadership to a talented team.  Constable had another great year contributing to the powerful offense and Man-up unit.  Jimmy had 2 goals and 9 assists in 2006, a total which he will look to increase in 2007.  Constable will return to help the highly talented midfield unit maintain their dominance between the boxes and ultimately defend their GCLA championship in 2007.

Favorite Movie?

JC:  Rudy, American Pie, Star Wars

Favorite Drink?

JC:  Michelob

Favorite Lacrosse Head?

JC:  Gait Torque

Mesh or Traditional?

JC:  Mesh, it's just easier

TT:  What has been your best lacrosse experience?

JC:  Beating Texas 6 times in a row after 2 heart breakers freshmen year.  Also, getting a chance to play at the national championship tournament in St. Louis all 4 years while at A&M. 

Can't forget winning the GCLA championship.

TT:  What is your favorite sports team?

JC: Chicago Bears, White Sox, Aggies

TT:  What are your thoughts on the team?

JC:  We had a lot of talent and saw lots of different players step up when we needed it.  I think we have a chance to become a really great team and last year was just the first step.  We will work together again this year and become a better overall team.


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